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Motion City Soundtrack – 27/3/10 @ Manchester

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“I’m on fire, and now I think I’m ready to bust a move!” screams, not Motion City Soundtrack front man Justin Pierre as you might of expected, but the four hundred strong crowd at Manchester’s Academy 2.  They’ve patiently waited three long years for the return of the Minnesota pop punk band and it really shows.

Attractive Today, the opening track to 2005’s Commit This To Memory kicks off tonight’s show, a quick warm up in preparation for things to come. Without pausing for breath, Pierre rushes into fan-favourite The Future Freaks Me Out from the bands debut album I Am The Movie before the raucous crowd even know what’s hit them.

Despite being more than half way through their brief stint on this side of the pond, the band still seem in awe at the hundreds of booming voices hurled towards the stage from the crowd.  For classic tracks such as When You’re Around – thrown in mid set, and Everything Is Alright – a show closer displaying pop-punk at its finest, Pierre needn’t even bother opening his mouth, the crowd have him covered.

But let’s not forget why Motion City Soundtrack have shown up tonight, they have a record to promote and the UK is just one stop on their, well, dinosaur sized world outing, colourfully titled The Dino Initiative tour.  Their fourth studio album, My Dinosaur Life has had great reviews since its UK release in early March and new tracks such as the kicking Delirium, the angst-ridden Disappear, album stand-out Pulp Fiction and new single Her Words Destroyed My Planet, are not only well received but have the distinct feeling of new being all new crowd pleasers.

By the time Motion City Soundtrack decide to call it a night, the crowd look like they’ve been hit by a whirlwind, when in reality they’ve just witnessed a band literally on the verge of world domination. They looked slightly cramped on the small, dimly lit stage tonight – something they won’t have to get use to.  If The Dino Initiative Tour continues its success, Motion City Soundtrack’s days of playing clubs and bars will soon be extinct.


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