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Live: Why? at Heaven, London 16th March 2010

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As Jonathan ‘Yoni’ Wolf, front man for Californian indie hip-hop-rock band WHY? flexes and stretches on stage, an enthralled crowd eagerly await his next unusual dance move.  He’s been busting them out regularly throughout their set at Heaven, a small London club, complete with leaky pipes running overhead and not enough fresh air to go around.  The packed crowd barely seems to notice though; all eyes are glued to the small stage containing the geeky looking five-piece and their vast collection of instruments and music makers.

Creating a set list that is a perfect balance of tracks old and new they blast through favorites like The Hollows and The Vowels Pt 2 from 2008’s Alopecia before tackling some newer tracks.  Even before the band is halfway through their set, it’s obvious the crowd are hooked.  Flowing through tracks like These Hands and the melancholic Eskimo Snow from their latest album, by the time they decide to call it a night it’s clear the audience isn’t going to let them leave so easy.  After a thunderous demand for more, they return to the stage for a seemingly impromptu encore.  Performing 21st Century Pop Song from Yoni’s earlier project Hymie’s Basement, a collaborative effort with Fog guitarist Andrew Broder who accompanies them on their express UK tour, the band close up with Song of the Sad Assassin. Reluctantly the crowd let them leave, but with any luck they won’t be gone from UK venues for too long.

Not familiar with WHY? check out the video for A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under from 2008’s Alopecia below, you wont be disappointed.


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  1. Most interesting band in the world at the moment, in my opinion.
    Al of ‘Yahoo! Beat_Happening’


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