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Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Shooting things. It never gets old. Battlefield Bad Company 2, the follow up to the 2008 original provides some suitable gun porno to keep your trigger fingers happy for a long while.

Private Preston Marlow, the hero of the first outing returns with his ragtag group of Yankee soldiers known as ‘Bad Company’. This time round you’re on the hunt for a dodgy Russian character that’s hell bent on finding a secret super-weapon.  The 13-mission single player campaign sees you fighting in wild jungles, vast deserts and snow-covered wastelands. And it doesn’t stop there, the combat continues on a number of vehicles; trucks, helicopters – the action here is cinematic and fast paced, just as it should be.

Unlike the first game where you annoyingly had to apply your own first aid whenever you were hit, in Bad Company 2 your health regenerates, a definite perk when you’re in the midst of an explosive action scene and shooting wildly. You’ll also find yourself fighting off hypothermia during a rather nippy mission in the Andes and having the power to blow great big holes in buildings with an impressive arsenal of weapons at your fingertips.

Swedish developers DICE dererve get a pat on the back for their amazing attention to detail. The scenery is not only beautifully designed but almost completely destructible, forcing players to think on their feet when taking cover from heavy enemy fire.  DICE also use their trademark Frostbite Engine to improve sound and gameplay, fully immersing players to give them a unique audio and visual experience.

Here comes the inevitable comparison to fellow first-person-shooter franchise Call of Duty. While Modern Warfare 2 does take the lead in computer game button blasting, Battlefield Bad Company 2 has undoubtedly proven that it’s not far behind – a definite competitor.  With easily accessible controls and four highly addictive multiplayer options, any fan of console shooters will feel right at home blowing shit up in no time.

This review was written for the men’s mag Loaded and can be seen on their website, click here to check it out!


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