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A Movie a Week #5: Inception

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What does director Christopher Nolan do after steering arguably the biggest movie of all time The Dark Knight successfully into movie theatres? If you thought he’d sit things out for a while to take a bit of a breather, you’d be wrong.  Instead, Nolan takes things to the next level, wasting no time in creating not only a worthy follow up to his 2008 mega hit, but the most ambitious movie of recent years.

Set in a world where the mind has become the scene of the crime, where thoughts and ideas have become the most valuable commodity on the market and subconscious security is the only way to ensure the safety of your personal information, Inception is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, an expert thief who must lead a team of highly technical con men into the dreams within dreams of the son of a wealthy businessman to pull off one last heist that will guarantee his redemption. However this is no regular job, with his future at stake and the future of his team, instead of stealing an idea from his targets mind, Cobb must plant one there, a task which requires delving deep into their hosts mind where escape is no guarantee.

Thought provoking, visually stunning and incredibly tense at points, Inception proves once again that Christopher Nolan is one of the most exciting filmmakers working today.  With CG trickery being pushed to a last resort option and many of the effects sequences created in house, Nolan’s latest has a low-key brilliance to it that many summer blockbusters lose in the editing suite.  With stellar supporting performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobb’s right hand man, Tom Hardy as a ‘forger’ adopting the likeness of others to aid their mind game and Cillian Murphy as the target of their heist, Inception is the blockbuster movie 2010 has been waiting for.  Go see it twice: once just to admire it’s jaw dropping visuals and a second time to absorb it’s mind boggling story.  One things for sure, each time you won’t be disappointed.

Inception is in cinemas now.


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  1. Damn good summary of a pretty complex film!
    Nolan has delivered once again, with Leo taking on another great role.
    Just got back from seeing it for the second time and enjoyed it even more the second time round than I did the first!


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