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Circa Survive: Blue Sky Noise

Bursting onto the scene with guitars dueling and vocals wailing, the Pennsylvanian quintet Circa Survive have established a die-hard fan base seemingly over night. Following a grueling tour schedule which saw them share the billing with bands such as The Gaslight Anthem and Rise Against the band return to record stores with their third release and follow up to their Billboard topping 2007 album ‘On Letting Go’. The new record ‘Blue Sky Noise’ offers more enthralling guitar solos and emotive lyrics, cementing their place in the alternative music pantheon.

Genres like emo and rock have an inherent risk of becoming stale long before fans have even had time to grow their long dark fringes or colour their bodies with band artwork.  Sudden influxes of generic bands dilute the scene, making progression the only means of survival and all those who dare to be different instantly recognisable.  Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks – that seems to be the logic here.  It doesn’t always work but in Circa Survive’s case, lead by energetic front man Anthony Green, the band take listeners to a strange new musical arena.

“Where’ve all the signs gone?  I don’t know where I am without them,” screams Green in the opening track of ‘Blue Sky Noise’, the explosive Strange Terrain.  And we are indeed on strange terrain; we’re in their world now – a land filled with head rocking chaos, spiralling guitars and high pitched soprano vocals complete with lyrics flecked with emotion, consistently delivered in a raw yet touching scream. Their almost bi-polar sound darts from one impulse to the next as the album plays out. With tracks like the intimate I Felt Free laced with wistful regret filled lyrics, Green sings: “I couldn’t tell the truth, I’ll never make you stay because tomorrow always happens yesterday” to the defiantly confident  The Longest Mile in which he has a sudden change of heart, singing “I must admit now going down within this ship, I couldn’t have a better crew to travel with”.

Sounding like Coheed & Cambria’s younger brothers, it’s no surprise that Circa Survive’s unique fusion of emo and rock has attracted such an instant and fervent fan following.  ‘Blue Sky Noise’ guarantees to pump their already notoriously volatile live sets full of an extra dose of energy, expect to see much more of this band in 2011.

Catch Circa Survive this month at the following venues:

Wed Sept. 15 @ London Scala

Thurs Sept. 14 @ Leeds Cockpit

Fri Sept. 17 @ Oxford O2 Academy 2

Sat Sept. 18 @ Nottingham Rescue Rooms


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  1. Awsome review 🙂 If you are interested my partner has written a review on blue sky noise too, and also the gig he went to last week at the 02. Its on:

    Best wishes.


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