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If you absolutely must reboot a franchise…

We live in turbulent times, in a world where unnecessary movie reboots clog up our cinemas and dedicated theatre goers are forced to sift through the tedious big budget bombs in order to find but one worthwhile movie gem.  As viewers, we’re helplessly fed these decisions made by Hollywood bigwigs who are more concerned about the well being of their wallets than of rising number of franchise fanboy panic attacks.  Last week the Internet got wind of a rumour that Justin Bieber has his sights set on starring in a reboot of Back to the Future. Yes, you heard that right.  Where they’re going you may not need roads but you’ll certainly need a strong sedative to sit through that potential soiling of a beloved movie saga.  Maybe it’s time Hollywood itself paid a little visit to the old Betty Ford clinic…

But as mentioned earlier, we’re defenseless against these decisions. So Hollywood, if you really have your heart set on delving into the graves of the movies that formed the backdrop to so many youths of today, then why not fast track these potential crowd pleasers…

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Mid Life Crisis

Talk of a third Bill and Ted adventure is something that has long been circulating the Interweb with its two stars being quizzed on the subject in almost every interview opportunity, but more recently things have really appeared to gathered momentum.  At a special double screening of Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey in LA last month Alex Winter AKA Bill S Preston Esquire explained that Keanu, series co-creator Ed Solomon and himself have been discussing ideas for a possible third outing, but they are only willing to go ahead if the script is just right.  If all the elements align, Winter is confident that it will happen.  These thoughts we’re echoed by his most excellent co-star Keanu Reeves, who, after giving a mysterious answer to an inquisitive journo at the Academy Awards red carpet last month (Smiling he answered: “I’m trying, I’m trying” before insisting he wasn’t joking) said that a third movie was in fact in the works during this interview (click the link to view).

A third Bill and Ted movie could be quite interesting, seeing these guys hitting mid life crisis mode could be a most non-heinous way to revisit the series.

Here’s a blast from the past to whet your appetites.

Who Canned Roger Rabbit?

Around the release of last years motion capture flick A Christmas Carol, director Robert Zemeckis made no secret of his interest in using the same technology to return to Toon Town.  There’s certainly no denying that the possibilities of a animation/live action Roger Rabbit movie with today’s Avatar digital technology are endless.  That being said, the charm of the original was its homage to traditional animation, the Toons resisting the urge to go 3D is a must and something which Zemeckis emphasises with as he explained to MTV last year “the 2D characters from the original movie will remain 2D. They will not be dimensionalized. Not to say there won’t be 3D”.  After suggesting that Bob Hoskins who played boozy private detective Eddie Valiant in the first movie would be interested in reprising his role things went a bit quiet.  Then earlier this week, a never before seen screen test for a Roger Rabbit sequel leaked online, check it out  the short but sweet clip below.

That clip was from way back in 1998 when animation teams where testing the waters for a CGI Roger for a planned sequel entitled Toon Platoon which would have seen Disney and Warner’s finest enlisting in the army to help fight WW2.  As it stands today however Roger Rabbit 2 is currently being written by original screenwriters Jeffrey Price and Peter S Seamen.

Back to the Future: The Game?

Coming full circle news-wise and we return to some Back to the Future news. Despite the Bieber to the Future rumour existing, it’s still a long shot and probably won’t happen if the fans have anything to say about it.  On a more positive note however we can expect to see Marty, Doc Brown and their souped up Delorean return in the near future..or past ..or whatever.  It was announced just over a month ago that Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd the original time travelling duo, are to reprise their roles for a Back to the Future video game.  Thanks to the success of other video game movie franchise crossovers, most notably 2009’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game in which the entire cast returned (even Bill Murray) it looks like game developer Telltale Games (Tales of Monkey Island, Homestar Runner) are planning five episodic video games.  In addition to Fox and Lloyd returning, creators hope to lure back other notable names such as Thomas F Wilson who played bad apple Biff Tannen in the 80’s trilogy.  Series co-creator Bob Gale will also help script the new games, promising fans and gamers alike the chance to explore Hill Valley circa 1985 as well as other time periods.  While we wait for other developments to pour in, check out some nifty concept art below.


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