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If you only see six movies next year…

So 2010 is almost at an end, let’s recap. This year we saw Scott Pilgrim take on the world and win, we witnessed Woody and Buzz make adults old enough to know better get teary-eyed all while Leo DiCaprio took the most eventful nap in cinematic history.  So where exactly do you go from there?

Well don’t fear, 2011 looks to be just as chock full of must see movies and it wastes no time in getting them to the big screen.  If you only see six movies in 2011, you better make sure these are the ones on your radar.

127 Hours

ETA: 7th Jan 2011

And why should I care?:

Director Danny Boyle puts James Franco between a rock and a hard place in this chilling drama based on the true events of adventurer Aron Ralston. After a falling rock wedges his wrist tightly into a slot canyon, Ralston finds himself helplessly trapped miles away from civilization.  As the days pass and his water reserves run low, the eager outdoorsman is faced with a grizzly choice – his small penknife might not to be able to cut away at the boulder, but his arm on the other hand…Reports of the amputation scene making movie goers faint generated ample buzz, but 127 Hours looks to be much more than a throw away cinema nasty. Instead Boyle’s latest could be the feel good film with a dramatic punch, what better way to kick off 2011?


True Grit

ETA: 14th Jan 2011

And why should I care?:

Can the Coen Brothers make a bad film? It doesn’t look like it.  Even their artier offerings (A Serious Man, I’m looking at you) provide enough kooky curiosities to rank them above most other films.  Their latest, an update of the Charles Portis novel of the same name, sees Jeff Bridges step into the boots of Rooster Cogburn, a role made famous by John Wayne.  Cogburn, an over the hill U.S Marshall agrees to help the pint sized Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) hunt down her father’s murderer. The Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges is a combination that’s proved more than successful in the past, throw Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and ace looking newcomer Steinfeld into the mix and you’re sure to find some life left in the old west yet…


ETA: TBA 2011

And why should I care?:

“He’s likes to blow shit up and he’s got a foul mouth,” laughs director Spencer Susser of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s tattooed anti-hero, “he’s a liability”.  The ‘he’ in question is the star of Susser’s hotly anticipated big screen debut, a heavy metal Mary Poppins by the name of Hesher.  Head banging his way into the life of troubled tween T.J (Devin Brochu), Hesher helps him come to terms with the death of his mother, anarchist style.  “Hesher is just this mysterious trickster who’s always messing with you,” smiles Gordon-Levitt, “everybody sort of likes and hates him’.  That’s certainly true of Nicole, a grocery store clerk played by the film’s producer Natalie Portman.  After rescuing T.J from some local bullies, she quickly becomes the object of his affection, with the 13-year-old relying on the glue sniffing Hesher for relationship advice.  Probably not the best decision ever.  Joining Portman and Gordon-Levitt are a bearded Rain Wilson as T.J’s depressed pill-popping father and Piper Laurie as his not-all-there grandmother.  However, don’t be put off by its sombre undertones, “Hesher, this crazy character makes this sad story entertaining,” guarantees Susser, “you never know what he’s going to do.” Rock on.

The Fighter

ETA: 4th Feb 2011

And why should I care?:

One’s been secretly training to look like a professional boxer, the other’s been trying just as hard to drop enough weight to look like his brother and trainer, The Fighter has all the trimmings of a serious Oscar contender.  Based on real events, Mark Wahlberg plays Mickey Ward, a slugger with everything at stake, fighting gruelling battles both inside the ring and out. His bad influence older brother Dickie, played by a gaunt looking Christian Bale, is all that’s standing between him and world title glory.  Is Dickie’s heart in the right place? Expect a battle of brotherhood and some serious emotional sucker punches.

Red State

ETA: TBC 2011

And why should I care?:

Gone are the days of Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith has returned and brought with him the wrath of god.  Red State, the uber-low budget horror staring Michael Parks, John Goodman and a host of up and comers may hold the record for quickest movie turn around.  By editing whilst shooting, Smith was able to screen a 90% finished cut of the film at its wrap party just days after filming had ended.  Very impressive.  And from initial buzz and audio clips via Smith’s regular podcast Red State of the Nation the New Jerseyite director looks to have captured a genuinely fresh and creepy Christian horror. Wickerman in small town America?  One things for sure, Smith ain’t too fat for this fright.

Cowboys and Aliens

ETA: 12th August 2011

And why should I care?:

Bond, Indiana Jones, aliens, cowboys – all in one movie! Well, sort of.  The guy who welded together Iron Man, director Jon Favreau enlists Daniel Craig, Sam Rockwell and Harrison Ford to help protect the old west from an alien invasion.  Based on the super popular graphic novel of the same name, the movie’s inspired casting (seeing Harrison Ford take a breather from Dr. Jones and yawn filled thrillers in favour of something more risky is ace) makes Cowboys and Aliens one to look forward to. Old timey gunslingin’ mixed with fancy alien technology?  What’s not to like there?


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