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The Walking Dead: Secrets (Episode 6)

Secrets. Glenn is well rubbish at keeping them. That’s what we learn from tonight’s episode as he blabs his newfound secrets about Lori’s pregnancy and Hershel’s barn-zombies to Dale almost instantly. It also happens to be the show’s title, which is appropriate. Well, sort of. Perhaps a more apt name would be ‘Revelations’ as this episode’s chock full of them. People find out all kinds of stuff whether they want to or not resulting in an even more uncertain future for this weary troupe of survivors.

Rick and co have been at Hershel’s secluded ranch house for some time now and tensions are running high. Despite trying to keep their affairs separate, the two groups are beginning to clash. Last week ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with Glenn stumbling upon a gaggle (is that the correct term for a group of zombies?) of brain-eaters locked in Hershel’s barn. Needless to say we weren’t the only ones crying out for answers and Glenn wastes no time getting to the bottom of things, putting strain on his budding relationship with Maggie in the process.

Turns out, those aren’t just random walkers, in fact it’s quite the opposite: Hershel’s transformed his barn into a housing unit for turned loved ones. As an inquisitive Dale soon discovers, it’s a touchy subject to say the least and one that Glenn learns about during a supply run that almost costs his new squeeze her life. It’s the only considerable flesh-eating action we get this week but like always it’s gory and memorable. Just how we like it. Whilst searching for Lori’s medical supplies, Maggie gets grabbed by a hidden walker. Luckily Glenn, the master of escaping tight spots is there to save her skin, bashing the walkers head in with a store shelf. Grizzly stuff.

Speaking of Lori, she finally tells Rick about her newfound pregnancy and brief relationship with Shane. Yep, there’s a lot of stunned silences this week. Rick handles this mind-bending info-load quite well, but we’re still not sure how living with this knowledge will effect things from now on. Shane on the other hand is getting harder and harder to predict. He’s teaching Andrea how to shoot, which is good as she gets some real-life experience during a search for Sophia (she’s still missing) that’s interrupted by a wandering horde. The adrenalin rush causes the duo to randomly knock boots on the ride back. The ever protective Dale instantly suspects something and decides to give Shane a talking to. What’s revealed in their intense conversation is the ever growing dark side of Shane’s psyche. Recent events have changed him, and not for the better…

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