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Casa De Mi Padre director Matt Piedmont reveals casting details of his next movie King Dork

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With Casa De Mi Padre, director Matt Piedmont has created a crazy Spanish spoof that brings the laughs whilst proving that Will Ferrell’s comedy transcends language barriers. For his next project, he’ll tackle King Dork, an adaptation of the Frank Portman coming of age rock-comedy of the same name. IReviewToo sat down with Piedmont to discuss what he has up his sleeve for this Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced movie.

“With it being about a couple of sixteen year old kids in 1987 who are outsiders and bond over rock music, it’s very much a parallel to my time frame,” smiles Piedmont. “Growing up in a small town in Washington State, finding albums and being so happy that they existed to get you out of wherever you are – the script really resonated with me and I love the tone,” he explains. “It’s a drama and a comedy and I’m going to try and open it up visually,” adds Piedmont.

As for who’ll star, Piedmont explained that due to scheduling difficulties it’s unlikely that we’ll see Will Ferrell in front of the camera. However he did reveal that he’s dished out a few roles already. “I’ve cast Nick Offerman (above) and this young kid named Thomas Mann (below) who’s in Project X,” says Piedmont. While there’s no word yet on Mann’s role, we can expect an interesting turn from Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman, “he’s going to play Gary, the hippy step-dad,” says the director.

With casting nearly complete and a June start date set, it’s clear that Piedmont has big ideas for King Dork. “I liken the tone that I’m going to go for as almost like a Rushmore meets Drugstore Cowboy vibe. Those, to me, are very funny movies but they also have a heavy dose of well shot drama. I may fail but I’m going to swing for those high watermarks,” grins Piedmont, “I’m really excited about it!”

Words and interview by Simon Bland.


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