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8 Reasons Why Ron Burgundy is The American Alan Partridge.


Knowing you Ron Burgundy, knowing him Alan Partridge. AH-HAAAA! Ahem…

As Will Ferrell powers through the momentous PR push for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues it’s hard not to be reminded of another recent publicity trail that blurred the lines between reality and fiction. This got me thinking: Is Channel 4 News anchor and pub-time quote God Ron Burgundy the closest thing America has to our very own Alpha Papa, Alan Gordon Partridge? After all, the two guys have a heck of a lot in common. For example, they’ve both…

…Released Autobiographies.

Last year saw the release of I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan, a rambling romp through the life of the Norfolk native with the third best time slot on Radio Norwich. Throughout its 300+ pages, Alan recounts his journey from student radio to the BBC big-leagues, brushing over the minor things like his messy divorce and shooting a man dead on live telly. Needless to say, he has the last laugh.

Cut to 2013 and Papa Burgundy himself serves up his own life story in paperweight form with Let Me Off At The Top!: My Classy Life And Other Musings. This self professed ‘shockingly candid and raw confessional from a national treasure’ takes fans behind the moustache to glimpse Burgundy’s humble beginnings, from his school days at Our Lady Queen of Chewbacca High right down to forming the classiest news team the world has ever seen.

…Hit Rock Bottom.

For Ron, it was a phonebox scream-session and guzzling milk on a hot day after seeing his beloved pal Baxter punted off a bridge. For Alan, it was a nasty Toblerone binge and bare-foot drive to Dundee after an extended stint of being ‘clinically fed-up’. While both men have tasted the sweet highs of mainstream success, they’ve likewise sampled the sour, Swiss chocolate nougat-y lows of hitting rock bottom and it wasn’t much fun.

…Got Their Own Unique Fashion Sense.

One has suits so fine they make Sinatra look like a hobo while the other has described his distinctly British wardrobe as simply ‘Imperial Leisure’. Both Partridge and Burgundy share a distinct fondness for what they consider to be ‘looking good’ and no matter what the occasion, you can guarantee they’ll be dressed to the nines. From salon quality hair to bespoke blazer badge and tie sets, you wouldn’t struggle picking these two media giants out from a crowd.

…Coined Catchphrases Out Of Everyday Speech.

Both Burgundy and Partridge have managed to transcend to that sacred plain of comedy greatness where even the most mundane thing to leave their mouths is comedy gold. It’s something that many aim for but few actually achieve. If you were to break it down, the formula would probably look something like this:

Comedy + Time x Cult Fascination = Unadulterated Fan Love.

After all, if anyone else said phrases like the ones below, they’d be nothing more than boring statements. Add a finely trimmed moustache and a seasoned Partridge to the mix and suddenly you’re giggling.


“I’ve had ribs for lunch”
“Great Odin’s Raven!”
“It’s the pleats..”
“I love scotch…scotchy scotch scotch!”
“When in Rome!”
“I’m Ron Burgundy?”
“You’re so wise…”
“I immediately regret this decision”
“I’m in a glass case of emotion!”
“That escalated quickly…that really got out of hand fast.”
“I’m not even mad…I’m impressed!”


“Jurassic Park!”
“I wonder who got the power pack…”
“It’s vulcanised rubber, which means it won’t perish.”
“Smell my cheese!”
“Lynn…You couldn’t present a cat.”
“I’m just destroying my cereals…”
“Kiss my face!”
“It’s hotter than the sun!”
“I love you, in a way.”
“I don’t like big feet. It reminds me of gammon.”
“You ought to have a basic grasp of Latin if you’re working in Curry’s.”

…Appeared On The Big Screen.

Ron Burgundy started his life on the big screen and used occasional telly appearances to keep us keen. Meanwhile, Alan cut his teeth in our front rooms, taking his sweet time to finally arrive in multiplexes. Despite using opposing routes, both characters have made it into cinemas with huge success. Partridge fans rejoiced when this year’s eagerly anticipated Alpha Papa proved to be worth the wait and after the simmering success of 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, fans couldn’t be more excited to check out The Legend Continues this Christmas.

…Enjoyed a Good Song Every Now and Then.

A life in media can be stressful, with constant deadlines, hot topic interviews and a responsibility to ask hard hitting questions (‘What is the best thing?’) becoming a daily occurrence. However despite all these commitments, both Ron and Alan manage to find the time to appreciate the smaller things in life, like music. As a Norfolk Digi- sorry, North Norfolk Digital DJ, music obviously plays quite a role in Alan’s life, and when it comes to manic jazz flute sessions and afternoon love making, Ron’s partial to a tune or two, too.

…Thrived In Live Situations.

It’s one thing to be funny and remain in character in a closed off set whist riffing off a studio-approved script but to take your comedy creation out into the wild, where anything can (and usually does) happen, is another beast entirely. These two have proved that they can handle fiction in the midst of reality with ease, PR tour or not. Need proof? Just look below.

…Dedicated Their Lives to Delivering Top Quality News/Chat.

Above all else, both Ron Burgundy and Alan Partridge are dedicated to providing the world with two commodities the world couldn’t do without: Breaking news updates and top quality chat. Lovely stuff.

So there you have it. What more proof do you need that Ron Burgundy and Alan Partridge are distantly related? Until next time, you stay classy, readers.

Alan PartridgeRon Burgundy

Did I miss anything out? Got a favourite mundane Burgundy/Partridge quote that you think deserves a shout? Let me know in the comment section below!

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