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Between November 2011 and February 2013 I worked as the freelance Film Editor for Front, one of the UK’s leading alternative men’s magazines. It was an amazing experience and one that opened up loads of doors to some unbelievable interview opportunities.

During my editor stint I got tips on how to be a bad ass from Danny Trejo, learned how to kill zombies with The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, nattered with Dolph Lungdren about the first time he ever met Sly Stallone and talked blue meth with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. What’s more, I was also able to catch sneak-peeks of movies months ahead of their theatrical release, see my reviews in print each month and even offer the occasional poster quote. As a die-hard film fan, it was a pretty sweet deal.

It was also a lot of fun to write a section that welcomed cheesy puns, geeky film trivia and my rubbish attempts at being funny. In total, I sourced and wrote original copy for 16 issues, making a brand new 2-page section each month. I even whipped up a few stand-alone Q&As for the mag’s Kill List news section, all of which can be seen below. Want a better look? Click the image to see it in big-O-vision.


Front - Films 164Front - Films 164 2:2


Front films 165 1:2Front films 165 2:2


Front films 166 1:2Front films 166 2:2


Front films 167 1:2Front films 167 2:2


Front films 168 1:2Front films 168 2:2








Front Films 175 1:2Front Films 175 2:2


Front Films 176 1:2Front Films 176 2:2


Front Films 177 1:1Front Films 177 2:2


Front Film Section 178 1:2Front Films 178 2:2

Kill List Q&As


Kill List - Danny Trejo

Kill List - Looper Kill List - Aaron PaulKill List - The Walking Dead

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