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A Movie A Week #24: Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox

Say what you want about floppy haired filmmaker Wes Anderson. Whether you think he’s an untouchable auteur or simply obsessed with his own twee humour, there’s no denying the guy can make a gorgeous looking picture. With Fantastic Mr Fox, Anderson takes his obsessive-compulsive brand of movie making into the painstaking realm of stop motion animation, stepping into territory usually reserved for the likes of Tim Burton or Henry Selick. It’s a risky transition for any director to make but one that he manages to pulls off with aplomb.

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A Movie A Week #23: Up In The Air

Up In The Air Review
Ryan Bingham lives in the air, travelling from workplace to workplace, hired to let employees of other companies know that they’re fired. He has no home to return to or time for commitments. Ryan Bingham is married to his job and in case you were wondering, Ryan Bingham loves his life.

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A Movie A Week#21: The Descendants

Sometimes, just when you think you’ve got it all everything collapses around you. Sideways director Alexander Payne dives head first into this bittersweet subject matter with his melancholic new movie The Descendants. George Clooney plays Matt King, the last in a long line of beneficiaries due to inherit a large portion of scenic Hawaiian real estate and a father of two unruly daughters. He lives in a picturesque paradise, surrounded by postcard perfect beaches and tropical foliage but as he so eloquently explains in the film’s opening monologue, ‘Paradise can go fuck itself’.

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