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The Walking Dead Cookbook

The Walking Dead Cookbook

Rick and the group are back on our screens for a fourth season and well, let’s face it, chances are pretty slim that they’ll all make it to the finale unscathed. Will Daryl finally run out of arrows for his bow? Will Herschel lose more than his foot? Will Carl’s inability to just stay in one goddamn place when instructed to finally get him gobbled? Yup, it goes without saying that a blood-splattered, teary farewell probably isn’t far off.

But let’s look at things from the Zombies’ point of view. After all, a Walker’s gotta eat and boy does Maggie look delicious. With that in mind, here are a few classic human meat recipes for all the Walkers who just kill in the kitchen. It’s The Walking Dead Cookbook.

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The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger (Episode 9)

Things just won’t let up on The Walking Dead. The events of the past few weeks have strained relationships and pushed people to their limits. This week proves to be no different, as we get ever closer to that inevitable moment where all hell breaks loose.  Rick may have saved Glenn and Hershel from a deadly encounter at the bar but his necessary actions weren’t without consequence. It’s not long before the buddies of the two recently deceased drifters start sniffing around forcing Rick to overcome yet another tricky situation.

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The Walking Dead: Secrets (Episode 6)

Secrets. Glenn is well rubbish at keeping them. That’s what we learn from tonight’s episode as he blabs his newfound secrets about Lori’s pregnancy and Hershel’s barn-zombies to Dale almost instantly. It also happens to be the show’s title, which is appropriate. Well, sort of. Perhaps a more apt name would be ‘Revelations’ as this episode’s chock full of them. People find out all kinds of stuff whether they want to or not resulting in an even more uncertain future for this weary troupe of survivors.

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The Walking Dead: Chupacabra (Episode 5)

Last week we saw the most chilled out edition of The Walking Dead. It seemed too good to be true, and guess what, it was. This week’s show puts on a brave face, valiantly trying to maintain the ‘it’s not so bad’ tone, but lets face it, what we really want to see is chaos. And chaos does indeed strike, however while the chillaxed mood lingers we’re treated to some scenes that will actually leave you smirking. What’s that you say? Chuckles? In a zombie TV show? Sounds as unrealistic as the dead rising from the grave, right? And yet there were a couple of reasons to smile this week.

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The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose (Episode 4)

Zombie movies are one thing, but a zombie TV show is a different beast entirely.  With so much time to kill, ensuring that you find the right balance of plot development and over-the-top blood-spurting gore is essential. Over indulge in one of these two areas and chances are you’ll bore the viewer. Luckily, as this week’s show proves, The Walking Dead walks this tightrope with ease.

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