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A Movie A Week #23: Up In The Air

Up In The Air Review
Ryan Bingham lives in the air, travelling from workplace to workplace, hired to let employees of other companies know that they’re fired. He has no home to return to or time for commitments. Ryan Bingham is married to his job and in case you were wondering, Ryan Bingham loves his life.

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Freestyle Freelance.

Time for an update.  Due to a combination of Northern Noise commitments, freelance work and kick ass American TV shows, I Review Too has fallen slightly to the wayside as of late.  As well as being a platform on which to unload all my pent up geekisms, this site is also designed to be a working online portfolio.  So seen as I’ve had a number of things featured in a few different magazines lately, I thought I’d share some tasters of my published work so far.  Click the images for a better look!

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A Movie A Week#14: X Men: First Class

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In 2010 Matthew Vaughn’s Kick Ass gave the complacent superhero genre a roundhouse kick to the chops. It was a move that didn’t go unnoticed. So when Bryan Singer, Hollywood’s inky-page to silver screen usher was pondering a suitable heir to his throne, the choice was simple.

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A Movie a Week#9: (500) Days of Summer

With (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb perfectly captures the intricacies of relationships and love, but make no mistake this is no love story. By going down this anti-rom-com route, there’s a good chance some viewers may be put off, perhaps due to being spoon fed a few too many mainstream ‘happily ever afters’ . That being said, fans of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Annie Hall will find a lot of enjoyment in this bittersweet indie film.

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