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A Movie A Week #24: Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox

Say what you want about floppy haired filmmaker Wes Anderson. Whether you think he’s an untouchable auteur or simply obsessed with his own twee humour, there’s no denying the guy can make a gorgeous looking picture. With Fantastic Mr Fox, Anderson takes his obsessive-compulsive brand of movie making into the painstaking realm of stop motion animation, stepping into territory usually reserved for the likes of Tim Burton or Henry Selick. It’s a risky transition for any director to make but one that he manages to pulls off with aplomb.

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A Movie a Week #7: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking, comic book movies are released every other week these days, why should we give two Koopa Coins about this one?  Read the rest of this entry