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7 Things Bob Dylan Should Do While He’s In Blackpool

Bob Dylan Blackpool

Bob Dylan has had an interesting life. He was forged in the fires of folk and bore witness to its transformation into protest, leaving Zimmerman back in dusty Duluth.

He was present at the March on Washington, singing about change not long after Martin Luther King Jr had delivered his earth shattering ‘I have a dream’ speech.

It was Dylan who introduced The Beatles to weed, inviting a whole generation to take a musical trip, for better or for worse.

He was the guy on stage that night in Manchester, branded a ‘Judas’ by the crowd only to fire back his ‘sing it loud’ rendition of Like A Rolling Stone; providing a ‘fuck you’ to the past and showing just how raw and powerful rock and roll can be when used correctly.

He preached to the (confused) masses during his Saved period and helped clear the name of a Hurricane whilst rambling along The Rolling Thunder Review.

Bob Dylan has been many places and done many things…

But he’s never been to Blackpool.

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Halloween playlist…

Halloween is almost upon us.  That pointless time of year where guys have an excuse to drink loads and girls attempt to make any Halloween costume slutty. Couldn’t find a good enough peg to include this on Northern Noise, so here’s a playlist of some scarily good and just plain scary tracks to get you in the trick or treating mood. Enjoy!

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Interview: Switchboard Spectacular

It’s pushing eight o’clock but still pretty warm in Manchester. With it being late May, the Sun’s descent has started to take a little longer than usual. The light sticks around and as a result, there’s way more people about.  Well, more people than you’d expect to see in a half empty car park in the northern quarter anyway.  I only mention this seasonal change because it might help explain the homeless guy who’s just approached us, mid interview, and tried valiantly to flog a small porcelain fish.

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Blackpool Rock

When you think of Blackpool what images pop into your mind? The iconic tower? Donkey rides? An overpriced amusement park perhaps?

How about a thriving local music scene? Didn’t think so. . .

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