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Restaurant Review: Dogs N Dough, Manchester

Dogs N Dough

It can be tricky finding place to eat in Manchester city center that’s new and exciting and genuinely good. The struggle isn’t made any easier by the fact that the new cool thing to do with alternative eateries seems to be to make them secret and not that easy to find. Ace burger place Almost Famous probably deserves all the credit for kick starting that craze – and it certainly worked. Now, the quirky diner Dogs N Dough has arrived in the city, also borrowing from the word-of-mouth promotion technique that’s so big at the moment, to provide hungry visitors with a new food spot to Instagram the heck out of. But is it any good?

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5 Ways To Spend Your Student Overdraft Like A Right Silly Idiot

Student Overdraft

If you’ve become a student this September then well fucking done. You’ve successfully managed to dupe the government into giving you a shed load of free dollar. Sure, you’ll have to pay it all back one day – but that’s something for ‘Future You’ to shit his pants about, not ‘Right now You’. All ’Right Now You’ should be worrying about is how he/she can get the goodest shit from their student overdraft  and transcend to new levels of awesomeness. Thankfully, the Money Saving shit-sperts here at I Review Too are on hand to offer some pearly pearls of wisdom. Listen up chumps…

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16 Of My Favourite Simpsons Quotes And How To Use Them


Fox recently announced plans to renew The Simpsons for a 26th season. Think about that for a second. Twenty. Six. Seasons. That’s a batch of shows for every year I’ve been alive and a mammoth task that’s likely to never happen again. Especially in today’s landscape of fickle viewers and TV shows with dangerously low mortality rates. While the show has certainly had its ups and downs, there’s no denying that for a period of time, The Simpsons was on fire. I’m not talking in terms of pure popularity – more in terms of genuine, innovative hilarity. Ironically, as the show started to look better some might say the writing got considerably worse but I’d argue that between, say, seasons 2 and 10 The Simpsons boasted a collection of gags that still hold up today.

In fact, they go beyond just holding up today – they’ve somehow managed to seamlessly work their way into the day-to-day vocabulary of a generation that grew up hooked on Homer’s ‘Mmmm’ gags and things we might recognise Troy McClure from. Some Simpsons one-liners are so ingrained in my brain that I subconsciously fire them out all the time. Like, all the time. We may live in a Golden Age of Television but it’s hard to imagine any other TV show having that much of a long-lasting effect on its viewers. With this in mind, here are 16 Simpsons’ quotes that I use day-in-day-out along with a little explanation on how to best use them in conversation. I’ve included clips wherever I can because as we all know, video is way more interesting than words. Enjoy!

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North West Film Guide – October 2013

Curse of Chucky

Since around May time this year I’ve been writing a monthly film event guide for The Skinny North West highlighting some of the best movie events worth checking out. Seen as my column is available on the magazine’s website as well as their print edition, I thought it was about time I started re-posting it on my blog. Check it out below.

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Russell Brand


So now that I’m living in Manchester again I’d like to try and get back on the wagon with reviews. After all, with so many bustling and exciting events going on throughout the city, it would feel like a crime not to. With this in mind, expect a few more gig/stand-up/theatre/restaraunt/product reviews to appear every now and then. I’d also like to start re-posting some of my online freelance work here as well as some ‘just-for-the-sake-of-it’ blogs that I’ve been kicking around.  To kick things off however, here’s my review of Russell Brand’s first night in Manchester as part of his Messiah Complex world tour. Spoiler alert, it was dead good. Enjoy!

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A Movie A Week #23: Up In The Air

Up In The Air Review
Ryan Bingham lives in the air, travelling from workplace to workplace, hired to let employees of other companies know that they’re fired. He has no home to return to or time for commitments. Ryan Bingham is married to his job and in case you were wondering, Ryan Bingham loves his life.

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A Movie A Week #22: V/H/S 2


V/H/S 2 tries to keep up the breakneck pace set by its predecessor both on screen and off. Served up mere months after the release of the original, there was talk of this ‘even crazier’ sequel while the directing team from part one were still plugging their installment. News that a bloodier follow up was already in the can was reassuring for horror fans. Based on an anthology concept by’s co-founder and editor-in-chief Brad Miska, V/H/S challenged a handful of the hottest directors going to try and get you to ruin your track record for not wetting the bed. Part two recruits a new dream team of directing talent and charges them with the same brief, this time with a slightly higher budget. Needless to say, expectations were high.

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