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The Walking Dead Cookbook

The Walking Dead Cookbook

Rick and the group are back on our screens for a fourth season and well, let’s face it, chances are pretty slim that they’ll all make it to the finale unscathed. Will Daryl finally run out of arrows for his bow? Will Herschel lose more than his foot? Will Carl’s inability to just stay in one goddamn place when instructed to finally get him gobbled? Yup, it goes without saying that a blood-splattered, teary farewell probably isn’t far off.

But let’s look at things from the Zombies’ point of view. After all, a Walker’s gotta eat and boy does Maggie look delicious. With that in mind, here are a few classic human meat recipes for all the Walkers who just kill in the kitchen. It’s The Walking Dead Cookbook.

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16 Of My Favourite Simpsons Quotes And How To Use Them


Fox recently announced plans to renew The Simpsons for a 26th season. Think about that for a second. Twenty. Six. Seasons. That’s a batch of shows for every year I’ve been alive and a mammoth task that’s likely to never happen again. Especially in today’s landscape of fickle viewers and TV shows with dangerously low mortality rates. While the show has certainly had its ups and downs, there’s no denying that for a period of time, The Simpsons was on fire. I’m not talking in terms of pure popularity – more in terms of genuine, innovative hilarity. Ironically, as the show started to look better some might say the writing got considerably worse but I’d argue that between, say, seasons 2 and 10 The Simpsons boasted a collection of gags that still hold up today.

In fact, they go beyond just holding up today – they’ve somehow managed to seamlessly work their way into the day-to-day vocabulary of a generation that grew up hooked on Homer’s ‘Mmmm’ gags and things we might recognise Troy McClure from. Some Simpsons one-liners are so ingrained in my brain that I subconsciously fire them out all the time. Like, all the time. We may live in a Golden Age of Television but it’s hard to imagine any other TV show having that much of a long-lasting effect on its viewers. With this in mind, here are 16 Simpsons’ quotes that I use day-in-day-out along with a little explanation on how to best use them in conversation. I’ve included clips wherever I can because as we all know, video is way more interesting than words. Enjoy!

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The Walking Dead: Beside The Dying Fire (Season Finale)

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“Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind…” These words mumbled from a world weary Hershel in this week’s climactic final instalment of The Walking Dead sum up season two perfectly. Throughout the past thirteen episodes we’ve seen the group struggle from one catastrophe to the next and one by one have their hope irreparably shattered. This week’s explosion of a show forces our heroes to run for their lives, desperately trying to escape the chaos set in motion by the revelatory events of last week’s final moments.  However as we watch the group scatter into the darkness we’re reminded that there’s no clear path out of this undead mess.

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The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner (Episode 11)

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Rick’s compassion has gotten the group into another tricky situation.  Last week we saw an ill-fated attempt to abandon enemy-turned-tag-along Randall (Michael Zegen) on a remote schoolyard only to discover that he knew Maggie and the location of Hershel’s farm. This week we discover the gang that abandoned Randall are 30-strong, armed to the teeth and not inclined to play nice. Too much of a liability to set lose, not quite guilty enough to execute – the group must decide their prisoners fate, forcing each of them into becoming the judge, jury and executioner.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Recap…

If you’re not watching The Walking Dead, you’re missing out. Simple as that. After lumbering onto our screens for a short but sweet six episode debut, the show quickly gathered a fan base big enough to rival its rabid zombie hoards.  And it came as no surprise. Based on an insanely popular graphic novel and spearheaded by ace director Frank Darabont and Terminator mega-producer Gale Anne Hurd the property was in very good hands from day one. Not bad for a bunch of corpses.

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Nikita is released on DVD today. Here are 5 of the most unlikely movie and TV spies…

Luc Besson‘s ace French spy flick Nikita gets a DVD re-release today.  If for some weird reason you haven’t seen it (seriously?) then don’t worry, here’s a brief recap: Nikita is a convicted felon and a bit of a junky. After her attempts at a drug store robbery go tits up, she’s captured and given a choice: she can turn her life around and become a super deadly assassin for the French Secret Service or she can work out the rest of her days in a dark, dank French prison where the inmates all look dodgy and the cheese and wine are probably terrible. Guess which one she picks?

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