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8 Reasons Why Ron Burgundy is The American Alan Partridge.


Knowing you Ron Burgundy, knowing him Alan Partridge. AH-HAAAA! Ahem…

As Will Ferrell powers through the momentous PR push for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues it’s hard not to be reminded of another recent publicity trail that blurred the lines between reality and fiction. This got me thinking: Is Channel 4 News anchor and pub-time quote God Ron Burgundy the closest thing America has to our very own Alpha Papa, Alan Gordon Partridge? After all, the two guys have a heck of a lot in common. For example, they’ve both…

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Don’t quote me on this…

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Did you see Pete Travis’ excellent Dredd movie? If not, then shame on you. This super-low budget yet intricately detailed Judge Dredd reboot was not only one of the year’s best sci-fi offerings but a film that managed to wash away any negativity left by Sly’s ropey instalment. When I was editing Front’s film section, I chose to feature the movie as the main review in issue 173, this in turn lead to the PR company which was publicising the movie to ask for a quote and star rating to feature on the movie poster. The whole thing was a little bit crazy. A week or so after I submitted the quote I had friends text me saying they’d seen my name on posters in men’s toilets and on the back covers of magazines. Check out the poster with my quote on it below:

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Casa De Mi Padre director Matt Piedmont reveals casting details of his next movie King Dork

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With Casa De Mi Padre, director Matt Piedmont has created a crazy Spanish spoof that brings the laughs whilst proving that Will Ferrell’s comedy transcends language barriers. For his next project, he’ll tackle King Dork, an adaptation of the Frank Portman coming of age rock-comedy of the same name. IReviewToo sat down with Piedmont to discuss what he has up his sleeve for this Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced movie.

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