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I first started doing work for Loaded during a two-week work placement where I was asked to write a few captions to accompany a celebrity photo spread in magazine’s Nude issue.  Classy, right? You can check out my saucy wordplay below.

Click for a better look!

During my time within the bowels of Loaded  I got involved in a taste-test for some specially brewed booze.  We did it all professionally of course with pretzels, loud music and a scantily clad lady. Check out the pic below!

Thankfully, this eventually lead to bigger things. I subsequently had these pieces run in various issues throughout 2012. Click for a better look.

Life on Death Row: Damien Echols

Damien Echols LoadedDamien Echols 2:2

Grilling: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Grilling
Grilling: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Grilling

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