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7 Things Bob Dylan Should Do While He’s In Blackpool

Bob Dylan Blackpool

Bob Dylan has had an interesting life. He was forged in the fires of folk and bore witness to its transformation into protest, leaving Zimmerman back in dusty Duluth.

He was present at the March on Washington, singing about change not long after Martin Luther King Jr had delivered his earth shattering ‘I have a dream’ speech.

It was Dylan who introduced The Beatles to weed, inviting a whole generation to take a musical trip, for better or for worse.

He was the guy on stage that night in Manchester, branded a ‘Judas’ by the crowd only to fire back his ‘sing it loud’ rendition of Like A Rolling Stone; providing a ‘fuck you’ to the past and showing just how raw and powerful rock and roll can be when used correctly.

He preached to the (confused) masses during his Saved period and helped clear the name of a Hurricane whilst rambling along The Rolling Thunder Review.

Bob Dylan has been many places and done many things…

But he’s never been to Blackpool.

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Casa De Mi Padre director Matt Piedmont reveals casting details of his next movie King Dork

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With Casa De Mi Padre, director Matt Piedmont has created a crazy Spanish spoof that brings the laughs whilst proving that Will Ferrell’s comedy transcends language barriers. For his next project, he’ll tackle King Dork, an adaptation of the Frank Portman coming of age rock-comedy of the same name. IReviewToo sat down with Piedmont to discuss what he has up his sleeve for this Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced movie.

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The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already (Episode 7)

The Walking Dead has been bugging the living recently. Well, all those in front of TV screens that is. Their main gripe? It’s a bit too slow, too wordy and lacking in the brain-piercing, blood-spurting zombie mayhem department. Personally I don’t agree. In my opinion, the show’s characters are interesting enough to allow for some story developing chit-chat whilst not losing my goldfish-like attention span. While the gratuitous zombie gore may have been fleeting, every time a grizzly undead meat-head lumbered into view this season it’s been more than memorable.  This week, these off-screen tensions spill over onto Hershel’s farm as all hell breaks loose just in time for the mid-season finale.

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The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose (Episode 4)

Zombie movies are one thing, but a zombie TV show is a different beast entirely.  With so much time to kill, ensuring that you find the right balance of plot development and over-the-top blood-spurting gore is essential. Over indulge in one of these two areas and chances are you’ll bore the viewer. Luckily, as this week’s show proves, The Walking Dead walks this tightrope with ease.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Recap…

If you’re not watching The Walking Dead, you’re missing out. Simple as that. After lumbering onto our screens for a short but sweet six episode debut, the show quickly gathered a fan base big enough to rival its rabid zombie hoards.  And it came as no surprise. Based on an insanely popular graphic novel and spearheaded by ace director Frank Darabont and Terminator mega-producer Gale Anne Hurd the property was in very good hands from day one. Not bad for a bunch of corpses.

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Nikita is released on DVD today. Here are 5 of the most unlikely movie and TV spies…

Luc Besson‘s ace French spy flick Nikita gets a DVD re-release today.  If for some weird reason you haven’t seen it (seriously?) then don’t worry, here’s a brief recap: Nikita is a convicted felon and a bit of a junky. After her attempts at a drug store robbery go tits up, she’s captured and given a choice: she can turn her life around and become a super deadly assassin for the French Secret Service or she can work out the rest of her days in a dark, dank French prison where the inmates all look dodgy and the cheese and wine are probably terrible. Guess which one she picks?

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Freestyle Freelance.

Time for an update.  Due to a combination of Northern Noise commitments, freelance work and kick ass American TV shows, I Review Too has fallen slightly to the wayside as of late.  As well as being a platform on which to unload all my pent up geekisms, this site is also designed to be a working online portfolio.  So seen as I’ve had a number of things featured in a few different magazines lately, I thought I’d share some tasters of my published work so far.  Click the images for a better look!

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